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I am still blown away with my session in the ring with Sarah and one of her horses, Trevor. I have done a lot of work on myself over the years, and while I know I am a constant work in progress I didn't expect such a big block to come up from my childhood. Sarah calmly took me through a very simple exercise, then handed the lead rope over to me, adding "I made it look easy". It was so not easy! What Trevor clearly represented in his movements and gestures was just how very stuck I was by this 'thing' in my life.

Sarah hit the nail on the head in less than 10 minutes of us working together. 
The presence of the horses is incredibly reassuring, I found Trevor a great comfort when actually opening my eyes to what the 'real issue' is and I am over the moon with my experience of working with Sarah.

Ruth  - 1-1 VIP Client



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