Team Building Retreats 


Transform your workforce into a unified dream team.

With our bespoke team-building experiences, you can strengthen your company culture and boost productivity (and your bottom line too!).

Does your team act less like a team and more like individual operators stuck in one space?


Do you have workers floating through each day without much to contribute? Or a dominant

team member that seeks to control everything?

Your workforce is made up of different personalities. Some people click and some people

clash. It’s natural.

But... without a positive team dynamic in the workplace, communication problems arise,

conflicts crop up and your business can suffer.

Imagine having highly productive employees that know how to complement each other’s

strengths. Imagine better engagement and enthusiasm, spreading in contagious waves

throughout your workplace.

A strong group can overcome obstacles that would stump an individual. But only if they know

how to get the most from each other.

With our help, you can have a GREAT team.


We’re offering bespoke team building activities in the Leicestershire countryside – a place where your team can relax, grow and learn to work together to become the perfect crew.

We’ll design an experience based on your staff’s needs, so they return to work with:

• Higher morale and job satisfaction

• Higher productivity levels

• Better communication and understanding, preventing conflicts and encouraging


• More ideas and creativity, born through effective collaboration

• Stronger leadership skills, allowing for better management

Discover their hidden talents

Our carefully planned activities are designed to reveal the hidden strengths and talents of

your employees.

Who makes the ultimate leader? Who’s tactical? Who’s the one that encourages the team?

There’s a lot to unearth about your workers.

While they learn to make use of each other’s abilities, you’ll learn more about them, so you

can make the most of their skills and talents at work.


Choose a memorable experience working with our horses.

Your staff will get the opportunity to work with our beautiful herd of horses. Our rescued

horses are sensitive to human emotions and mirror back energy. Through close interaction,

our horses can provide unique insights into your staff’s personalities and the challenges they


Your employees will reflect on themselves and gain appreciation and understanding of their

fellow colleagues. The result? A harmonious team in which everyone feels valued. And there

may be some personal breakthroughs too!

Working alongside our horses can do more than facilitate growth and team building...

Spending time with horses generates positive emotions, making for a happier and destressed




A completely customisable experience

Your team and business are unique.

You won’t get a cookie cutter retreat with us. We’ll zero in on the areas your team struggle with and create the best experience for them.

Whether you want to spend a day with us or a full week, we can make it happen.

You and your staff can enjoy a mix of activities outdoors in the lush countryside and inside

our cosy rustic barn – a refreshing change from an office environment.

You choose how involved you’d like us to be!


We can plan the whole shebang, leading your team through activities that develop their time-

management, leadership and communication skills. All you have to do is turn up!


Prefer to take the reins yourself and deliver your own activities? That’s an option too.

We can be as involved as you’d like us to be, whether that means we deliver morning and

evening relaxation sessions or we just hand over our venue and leave you to your devices

(bear in mind, if you want to work with our horses, you’ll need us there!).

Food and accommodation

No need to stress about food. We’ll arrange delicious meals for you to enjoy during your stay.

We can provide accommodation on site too. Our countryside bell tents offer a true escape from the daily stressors of life.

But don’t worry... all the necessities are provided. Consider it ‘glamping’ instead of camping.


With real beds to sleep on, you don’t need to sacrifice comfort.


‘Sarah is incredibly intuitive and knows her stuff. She has a great bond and connection with  her horses who were all absolutely wonderful to watch. She is clearly experienced at what she  does which makes for a very real and helpful  session.’

Ruth Bradshaw

‘A very personal, unique experience. A “must do” on anyone’s bucket list.’

Julia Frier

Are you ready to design a powerful team building experience?

The people behind your business can make or break it. An investment in your team is one

worth making. Not only will you be gifting your staff a fun and unforgettable experience, but

your business will also reap the benefits.

Team building isn’t just about bonding. It can have a positive effect on absentee rates,

productivity rates and profit.

Sound good?

Contact us now and let’s create a team building event tailored to your staff and your goals.



About Me (Sarah Stephens)  

My name is Sarah Stephens and I hold 8 years of business and senior management experience. I understand the challenges you face and how important a happy and productive team is.

As an experienced and accredited group facilitator, I run group activities that make a difference to your employees. I tap into my 15 years of therapeutic experience, including my knowledge as an NLP coach, to create effective team building activities that leave people connected, more aware of their behaviours and motivated to give their best!

I am completely results-oriented. No wishy-washy talks or fluffy quotes here. I care about tackling issues head-on, making change happen and ensuring you leave with a team you’re proud of.

Want to find out more about me? Click here.