Where are sessions held and are they with the horses?

Most of the exercises are held outdoors, with some more business focussed ones, in our rustic barn. We believe in keeping the feeling of nature and the retreat when doing as many exercises as possible. We have some under cover areas should the English weather not be on our side. The horses are involved in as many exercises as possible, therefore please bear this in mind with dress code.

What should I wear?

Now, we run these in summer so the weather shouldn't be too bad however we are still in England. Therefore wear something comfortable which you don't mind being outside in. There is no guarantee that you won't get any mud or horsehair on you so don't come dressed in your glad wrags!, Footwear is important. Please don't come in flip flops, or if you do please bring some boots or wellingtons or closed toe footwear. In order to work around the horses.

Do I need to bring food with me?

All food for meals and refreshments are provided. However, if you are partial to a certain snack which you cant live without or a certain drink please feel free to bring those with you. Bring what you want and need to feel comfortable. Dietry requirement forms are sent out prior to the event.

Am I allowed to bring alcohol?

The short answer is yes. In most of the retreats, we often pop a bottle of bubbles or wine on the evening. However, you are most welcome to bring drinks with you. We just ask that you dont drink alcohol until the end of the day and exercises with horses have finished.

How do I pay?

Select your retreat from a 1 day, two day and 5 day. Pay your deposit and then sign up to the payment plan you want or pay in full.

What information do I get beforehand?

Initially you will be asked about food allergies intolerances and dietary requirements. Before the actual event that you've signed up to you will also be given a retreat welcome pack, this will be sent to you via email, to let you know again these frequently asked questions, things about where and how to find us, and schedule for your time with us, and any other important information.

Can I attend a retreat but not stay?

We encourage people to enjoy the full immersive experience. However, if there are reasons why you really cannot stay with us, then we are more than willing to accommodate you. During the days and the workshops.

Do you offer anything as a 1-1?

All of our retreats can be offered on a 1-1 basis, please contact us for details. Usually our retreats have between 4 and 6 people attending them.

Do we ride the horses?

No. Your feet stay firmly on the ground. All exercises are ground based.