Five Day Retreat


Experience a new way to do business and mindset work

Unbridle your mind from what holds you back and experience the evolution of YOU and your  business.  

You work hard on developing your business every day. From sunrise to sunset, you’re on the go, wrestling with heaps of pressure and stress to meet your goals.  

Even though you’re great at achieving, you’re craving a moment to relax. Just a slice of peace to savour…  

Isn’t that why you went into business? To claim your freedom and own your time? So…when’s the last time you took a true break, to recharge and focus on you? 

I understand the resistance. It’s natural to be going a mile a minute when you’re running a business. 


But let me tell you a little secret…  

When you switch off and access the deep stillness within you, you can really develop your business and enjoy the process.  

From a beautiful state of relaxation, you can clear out the negative junk holding you back and make space for your wildest and brightest ideas.  

AND you can invite more wellness into your life. The result? Leading a life with balance, more  fulfilment and more presence.

You can begin to create a richer life and a booming business! 


Work with gentle horses to uncover your emotions and know yourself  

This 5-day retreat in the Leicestershire countryside involves equine-assisted coaching.


You’ll work alongside our rescued horses. Each one has overcome their own challenging pasts and emotions. Kept naturally, our intuitive horses recognise your emotions and respond to  them. They can even sense your heartbeat from 4ft away! 

Their sensitivity allows them to feel the energies you’re holding, and to mirror them back at  you. 

If you’re open to learning from them, they’ll unveil valuable insights about yourself. Get to  know your emotions and make sense of them, before we clear out the ones that keep you  stuck.

We deliver pure value!  

When it comes to inner work, I know you value substance. You want tangible results and skills you can take away and apply in real life.  

As a trained therapist, I give you these tools.


Because I accept a limited number of people, I can create an experience tailored to your  needs. A cookie-cutter retreat just won’t do. To make sure we focus on issues relevant to  you, I create a plan around you! 

The retreat is split into two. First, we’ll work on mindset. And then, from within that sweet place of calm and clarity, we’ll work on your strategy. 


What to expect on the retreat  

• A chance to deep-dive into your problems – to bring into your awareness exactly  what’s holding you back in your life and business.  

• Discovering what beliefs are not serving you and letting that stuff go! • You’ll get clear on every one of your ambitions, visions and goals. 

• You’ll work with me (a coach) and guest experts in other areas. 

• You’ll know where you want to go in life and figuring out how to get there. • Changing your relationship with pressure, failure and success 

• Give you tools to establish a work-life balance, with more harmony and ‘you time’ in  the mix. 

• Develop a strategy that works for you and the life you want!


Accommodation and Food  

You’ll stay in the Leicestershire countryside, cut off from the demands and technology of daily life.


Instead of to-do lists, you’ll wake up to a healthy dose of greenery and plenty of fresh air. 

You’ll get your own cosy bell tent, where you’ll have all the necessities (and yes, that includes a bed!).


Since relaxation is a huge part of being here, you won’t be roughing it.  You’ll also have access to a shared shower room and toilet. 

Every day, you’ll be provided with a range of nourishing meals. You can look forward to wholesome breakfast baskets, BBQs and rustic pizza making on our wood-fired pizza oven! 

Do you have any dietary requirements? Your needs will be catered to (just let us know in the questionnaire we send you). 


‘Sarah took me through exercises and intuitively guided me to some answers that I had buried and George was so sensitive to my reactions and emotions. It really was a magical experience.  Would recommend to anyone.’

Louise Hallam

‘A very personal, unique experience. A “must do” on anyone’s bucket list.’

Julia Frier

‘In my time, I’ve done CBT, I’ve done life coaching, I’ve done alternative therapies but this was  the first time of having a session which was so relaxed and felt like I was there to exercise a  horse and learn some skills, when in fact it was the quickest and most enlightening session I’ve ever had!’

Chris Bradshaw



I take on a small number of people on my retreats. That’s how I make sure you get the  transformational experience you’re after.  

I send you a questionnaire to get a sense of your needs and design a retreat around them. I even bring in guest experts during the five days – and my choice of experts depends on what  you want to get out of your time here.  

I consider you and plan around you! 





How much does it cost?

We’re charging an incredible price of £1500 for our 5-day retreat.

Want to secure a highly coveted spot right now? You can pay in full or in three payments of £510. 

This retreat is available as as VIP one to one experience only.

Contact me for more details or to be added to the wait list for the 2021 retreats. 

Once you’ve booked, you’ll receive a questionnaire. I’ll use what you tell me to create a  bespoke experience around you.


Example Day Itinerary  

10:00 - Welcome drinks introductions

10:30 - Session 1 - Grounding exercise with the horses

11:30 - Session 2 - Self awareness exercise with the herd

12:30 - Lunch

13:30 - Session 3 - Deeper Awareness with the horses

14:30 - Break

15:00 - Session 4 - Start to let go exercise

16:00 - Relaxation and review 

18:00 - Dinner, outdoors and around the fire pit. 

19:00  - Evening relaxation session

 (guest tutor e.g. gong bath, yoga, energy, reiki)

Relax for the evening, with the group, alone, in the paddocks, round the fire or in your bell tent 

About Me (Sarah Stephens)  

You’ll be working with me – Sarah Stephens. I have a strong background in psychology,  holding both a bachelor’s and master’s in psychology, along with 12 years of experience as a  coach.  

Here’s the thing. I’m a straight shooter. I don’t talk around you in circles or deliver fluff. With  me, it’s always about getting to the point and getting you results. I care that you leave our  retreats with value.


I aim to give you a transformative experience. Together, we’ll work on  your mindset and resilience, your business growth. 

If you’d like to find out more about me and my story, click here. 


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