Two Day Retreat


Discover how to relax the reins 
& build a mighty mindset

Throw out the mental junk and create a winning mindset that works FOR you (not against you).  

Have you been playing superwoman, running your business while juggling a gazillion tasks at once? Have you been working yourself into the ground?  

You need a break, where you can focus on yourself and your personal development.  

Feeling uneasy at the thought of resting and taking ‘you’ time? Here’s the thing…  

By giving yourself permission to relax first, you could be making way for your best ideas. You  could head back to work with a pep in your step – with inspiration and fulfilment filling you up! 

Here, in the countryside of Leicestershire, you’re given the opportunity to unwind and start a journey of self-discovery, while working with our beautiful horses. 

But that’s not all. You’ll make positive changes to your mindset, so you can finally jump out of stress mode and into the present moment.

Day 1

The first day of the retreat is dedicated to deep reflection.


We’ll lay it all out in front of you.  What’s working for you? What isn’t? We’ll take a magnifying glass to your life, so you can see where you are.


This part of the retreat is all about self-awareness and discovery (know what’s  up!). 


Day 2  

On the second day of the retreat, we’ll remove the junk that is keeping you from your goals and hone in on your brilliant qualities, nurturing them as we go.


We’ll look at where you want to get to, and map out how to get you there. You’ll be given real practical tools and skills to take away and use in your life, so you can maintain a work-life  balance, de-stress instantly and make the right moves in work and life. 


This retreat is for you, if you want…  

• To dissect your life, looking at what’s working for you and what isn’t (so you’re only  making room for what does!)  

• To eradicate the beliefs holding you back and the habits that don’t serve you 

• To connect to the present, allowing you to really live and savour every moment 

• To figure out your visions and goals (and establish how to reach them) 

• To create a powerful mindset that won’t sabotage you or hold you back. You can make  your mind your best friend – your ultimate sidekick in life and business 

• To re-define what success and failure means to you


Accommodation and Food  

You’ll stay in the Leicestershire countryside, cut off from the constant demands of technology  and daily life, so you can catch your breath and recuperate.  

You’ll be staying in your own cosy bell tent, where you’ll have all the necessities (and yes, that includes a bed!). You won’t have to rough it. We want you comfortable and relaxed.  

While here, you’ll also have access to shared toilets and a shower room. 

On both days, you’ll be provided with nourishing meals in nature. Any dietary requirements?  Just let us know. We’ll cater to you.


Let’s fix your mindset and flood your life with emotions you’d love to experience. Our horses can reveal the emotions and energies swimming within you… 

There’s a reason you’ll work alongside horses. And it’s not just because their presence relaxes  you. There’s more… 

Our naturally kept horses have keen senses and can tune into your emotions and energies.  Our rescued horses – quite familiar with difficult emotions – reveal what’s happening for you on the inside!  

You and your equine buddy will work together to uncover truths about your beliefs and mindset. And then, once we’ve tapped into that well of stillness inside you, we’ll move you towards holding a mindset that serves you.

‘Sarah is incredibly intuitive and knows her stuff. She has a great bond and connection with  her horses who were all absolutely wonderful to watch. She is clearly experienced at what she  does which makes for a very real and helpful  session.’

Ruth Bradshaw

‘A very personal, unique experience. A “must do” on anyone’s bucket list.’

Julia Frier

How much?

You can be part of this retreat at just £450 per person (pay in full) 


This retreat is available as as VIP one to one experience.


Contact me for more details or to place yourself on the 2022 waiting list. 

Once you’ve booked, you’ll get a questionnaire, so I can create a bespoke experience around  you and your needs. 


To make sure you glean value from this retreat, I only take on a small number of people. We  don’t do cookie-cutter retreats. You’re a unique individual, so I aim to incorporate what I  know will help you in this retreat. 





Day 1

10:00 - Welcome drinks and group introductions

10:30 - Session 1 - Grounding exercise with the horses

12:30 - Lunch

14:30 -Session 2 - Self awareness exercise with the herd

14:30 - Break

15:00 - Session 4 -  Let go exercise

16:00 - Relaxation and review 

18:00 - Dinner, outdoors and around the fire pit. 

19:00  - Evening relaxation session

 (guest tutor e.g. gong bath, yoga, energy, reiki)

Relax for the evening, with the group, alone, in the paddocks, round the fire. 

Day 2

8:00 - Breakfast baskets & morning mindfulness& movement


10:00 - Reflections 

10:30 - Session 2 - Goal setting with the herd

11:30 -  Break

12:00 - Session 3 - Develop your skills Exercise 

12:30 - Lunch

14:30 - Session 4 - Build the new you confidence 

15:30 - Relaxation and review 

16:00 - Pack and Home Time

About Me (Sarah Stephens)  

You’ll be working with me – Sarah Stephens. I have a strong background in psychology,  holding both a bachelor’s and master’s in psychology, along with 12 years of experience as a coach.  

Here’s the thing. I’m a straight shooter. I don’t talk around you in circles or deliver fluff. With  me, it’s always about getting to the point and getting you results. I care that you leave our  retreats with value.


I aim to give you a transformative experience. Together, we’ll work on  your mindset and resilience, your business growth. 

If you’d like to find out more about me and my story, click here. 


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