One Day Retreat


Experience a unique way to relax

Have you been switched on for too long?


Are you hammering away at work, spending all your  waking moments on growing your business and smashing your goals? 

I get you. You’re a doer, a high-flyer, a determined woman that never takes no for an  answer…  

But the consequence of always being on the go? You’re running out of steam! 

It’s time to give yourself a breather, a chance to pause and reconnect with yourself – the  person you are beneath the busyness.  

Step out of your hectic life for one day. This is your time to relinquish control, eradicate stress  and embrace sweet freedom. 


Escape to the Leicestershire countryside on this one-day retreat, where you’ll work with our sensitive horses to dissolve the emotions weighing you down!  

Did you know… horses sense your emotions?  

The horses you’ll work with reveal the energies and feelings you’re holding, helping you identify the emotional baggage and unhelpful thoughts you carry (so you can finally drop them).  

Within a supportive group, you’ll learn to untether from stress, frustrations and any beliefs  keeping you from feeling good – leading to more glowing emotions in your work and  personal life.  

From 10am-4pm, you’ll learn to be more present and self-aware as you unwind in nature.  

And while you’re completing this life-altering work, you’ll enjoy freedom from technology and the insatiable demands of your busy life! 

But this retreat isn’t just about soaking up nature for the day. It’s about keeping you there when you re-enter the chaos of the modern world.  

You’ll leave with practical skills, so you can reconnect to that peaceful state whenever you like.  

What you could walk away feeling…  

Picture it… you’re at work, things are a little topsy turvy, and you don’t feel rattled.

Imagine switching off at the end of the day and relishing time with your loved ones. Imagine being so present and rooted in everything you do. 

It’s all possible! 

With me (Sarah Stephens), you’ll get a coach with a strong background in psychology. I  guide you through the process with my no-nonsense, straightforward style.  

How much and what’s included?


Are you ready to embrace an easy-going you? 

You can be part of this transformative equine-assisted retreat for just £150.

The price includes nourishing meals and refreshments, all taken outdoors in nature. 

This retreat is available as as VIP one to one experience.


Contact me for more details and to be added to the wait list for 2022 retreats.

"Despite the weather I had a wonderful experience. I left having addressed some important aspects of my life and feeling better equipped to move forward. I got so much out of it, I can't wait to come back."

Alison Jennison


Your Example Itinerary

10:00 - Welcome drinks and group introductions

10:30 - Session 1 - Grounding exercise with the horses

11:30 - Session 2 - Self awareness exercise with the herd

12:30 - Lunch

14:30 - Session 3 - 'Letting go' exercise with the horses

15:30 - Relaxation and review 



I work with a small number of people on these retreats.  

Why? So, I can tailor my approach and make sure I’m addressing what feels relevant to you. 

You’ll be given a questionnaire, allowing me to create a bespoke experience, designed to  serve you and your goals


Book below to meet your equine pal and the refreshed, ready-for-the-world version of you.   



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